Master The Art Of Creating Engaging Animated Corporate Videos

Trying to get noticed in the busy online world can be tough, like trying to be heard in a loud storm. This challenge is well-known, especially since 92% of marketing experts agree that video is crucial to their strategies. 

So, what’s the solution? 

We found that animated corporate videos stand out like a beacon, grabbing attention and keeping people interested. In this guide, you’ll learn how to make animations that not only catch attention but also stick in people’s minds. 

Are you ready to make your stories come alive and inspire your audience?

What is Animated Corporate Video?

Animated corporate video is a dynamic way for businesses to tell their story. It uses moving graphics and characters to share messages with customers. These videos can show how products work or what makes your company special.

They’re great because they capture attention fast. You can use them in marketing, training, or explaining complicated things simply.

Our team creates these types of videos for all sorts of companies. We pick colors and images that fit each brand’s tone and style. Animated videos bring ideas to life in clear and memorable ways.

This helps our clients stand out on social media platforms, websites, and at events.


The Benefits of Animated Corporate Videos

Harness the power of animated corporate videos and witness a remarkable transformation in how your message captivates and resonates with audiences. From simplifying complex subjects to crafting bespoke brand stories, these visual marvels are not just another marketing tool—they’re a revolutionary way to elevate your company’s narrative.


Engages the audience effectively

Animated corporate videos are a powerhouse for keeping an audience hooked. With 92% of marketers backing video as key to their strategy, we understand its impact. Complex subjects transform into engaging stories through animation.

Visuals leap off the screen, turning complicated information into memorable experiences. This keeps viewers watching and helps them grasp tough concepts with ease.

We craft business animation videos that speak directly to our potential customers. Strong character design and vibrant colours catch the eye, while motion graphics bring messages to life in a way paragraphs cannot.

Animated explainer videos don’t just tell; they show, creating a connection that can lead audiences from interest to action seamlessly. It’s about giving your message movement and relatable characters that resonate far after the video ends.

Easy to customise and adapt

Customising your corporate animation video is a breeze. You can change colours, styles, and motion to match your brand’s unique look. We understand each business has its own message and identity.

That’s why we make sure our animated videos flex to fit what you need. Whether you want playful vibes or a professional tone, the animation adjusts easily.

Our team loves working with different businesses to create something special for their target audience. Using vibrant colours and smooth animations brings any concept to life in a fresh way.

Think of it as giving your company image a boost that sticks in people’s minds long after they watch the video.

Cost-effective and efficient

We know the importance of keeping costs low while delivering top-notch content. Animated corporate videos hit that sweet spot – they’re more budget-friendly than live-action videos and don’t skimp on quality.

You can produce professional-looking marketing or training videos without draining your funds. Our animation services are designed to be efficient, ensuring your project moves smoothly from concept to final product without unnecessary delays.

Pouring money into marketing should lead to results, right? With animated corporate videos, you get a bang for your buck because they grab attention and deliver messages with clarity.

They streamline complex topics into digestible content that viewers remember. We help businesses craft powerful tools like infographic animations and character-driven stories that drive their message home effectively and affordably.

Key Steps to Create Animated Corporate Videos

Unlock the secrets behind crafting compelling corporate animation videos that resonate with your audience—dive into our exclusive inside look at the professional process, and we promise you’ll find invaluable insights to elevate your marketing game!



Writing a professional video script

We know the power of a well-crafted video script. It’s the backbone of your animated corporate video, guiding every visual and voice-over. To start, we focus on your key messages. What do you want to say? Who are you talking to? We keep in mind that 92% of marketers see video as a crucial part of their strategy.

Our next step is to draft a clear storyline. This isn’t just about words on a page; it’s about creating an engaging journey for viewers. We make sure our scripts speak directly to your audience – engaging them from the first second.

Our language is simple but powerful, making complex topics easy to grasp.

Your business has stories worth telling and messages that need sharing. Let’s put them into motion with animation that captures attention and keeps it locked in until the very end!

Creating a storyboard

Creating a storyboard is like mapping out the journey for your corporate animation video. It’s where we decide what each scene will look like before any real animation begins. We sketch the main scenes, and this helps us visualise the flow of your message.

Think of it as drawing a comic strip for your business story. Simple drawings show us where characters and objects will be, and how they’ll move throughout the video.

Storyboards are vital in making sure that all team members understand the vision for the animated corporate video. They provide a clear picture of what’s needed – from backgrounds to character designs – ensuring everything fits together perfectly in motion animation.

By planning every frame, we save time during production and make sure our client’s message hits home with their audience right away!

Designing illustrations

Designing illustrations is a crucial step in making our animated corporate videos stand out. We choose the right colors, shapes, and movements to make sure every scene connects with our audience.

Our illustrators work closely with scriptwriters to bring complex ideas into simple, clear pictures that speak volumes.

We focus on creating visuals that fit our brand’s message perfectly. Bright colors may show energy and innovation, while softer tones suggest trustworthiness and calm. Every illustration is crafted to help explain our services or products without overwhelming viewers with too much detail or clutter.

It’s all about balance—ensuring each image makes an impact and tells part of the story we want to share.

Developing the animation

Developing the animation for your corporate video is a critical step. It’s here where we bring your message to life with captivating visuals and motion. Our team works hard to create sequences that reflect your brand’s tone and style.

We choose colors, characters, and backgrounds that fit perfectly with what you want to show the world.

We use powerful tools like 3D animation or simple graphics in 2D Animation, depending on what suits your project best. Every animated element is designed carefully to engage viewers from start to finish.

Your business will stand out with an animated corporate video that speaks volumes about who you are and what you offer.

Examples of Successful Animated Corporate Videos

Let’s dive into real-world success stories; companies like Spotify and Slack have truly set the bar high with their animated corporate videos, garnering widespread attention and effectively showcasing their brands’ ethos.

These benchmarks not only illustrate the power of animation in conveying complex ideas but also inspire us to push our creative boundaries when crafting our own corporate narratives.


Spotify nailed it with their animated corporate videos. They knew how to catch your eye and hold onto it tight. Their videos are lively, full of color, and just the right kind of catchy.

We’re talking about music streaming giants here, so they get how important a beat is – and that rhythm shines through in their animations. Each scene flows into the next with a smoothness that makes you want to keep watching.

They use characters that pop off the screen to tell you their story – a story about easy access to millions of songs at your fingertips. It’s smart too; Spotify’s animations turn complex tech talk into fun visuals anyone can get behind.

Call them an inspiration for our own creations; we see how powerful those moving pictures are for connecting with customers and making sure your business stands out from the crowd.


Slack’s animated corporate video is a stand-out example for us to consider. It showcases how animation can bring a digital platform to life with vibrant colors and constant motion.

This approach doesn’t just capture attention; it simplifies complex concepts like online collaboration in an enjoyable way.

The animation style Slack chose makes their message clear and engaging, often featuring charming characters interacting in a virtual office space. They made certain that the viewer effortlessly understands the benefits of their communication tool without feeling overwhelmed by technical details or bored with paragraphs of text.


We often look to big players like Microsoft for inspiration on effective marketing strategies. Their corporate animated videos serve as powerful examples for us. They’ve mastered the art of using animation to break down complex topics, such as their cloud security features and whiteboard tool, into digestible content that captivates audiences worldwide.

By incorporating various visual styles from flat 2D animations to dynamic storytelling techniques, Microsoft’s videos achieve both clarity and engagement.

Our approach draws lessons from these corporate animation examples, showing just how versatile and professional animated content can be—even within a tight budget. From explaining advanced business solutions to showcasing product offerings with creative flair, Microsoft stands out as a brand that really knows its way around crafting engaging video content.

Let’s embrace this method too; it could transform our digital marketing strategy and carve out an impressive space in the crowded online world.


Starbucks shows us how to make a splash with animated corporate videos. They skip the usual intro and dive straight into the art of their coffee blending. Their video is a feast for the eyes, using vibrant colours that almost let you taste the rich coffee flavours.

The concise storytelling grabs your attention fast, telling a tale of passion for global coffee blends in under 60 seconds.

Our take? Keep it short like Starbucks’ punchy coffee clips. Animated corporate videos speak volumes without saying too much, proving just as irresistible as a good cup of joe. They ensure customer engagement soars and information sticks—all while showcasing your brand’s personality loud and clear.


Apple knows how to capture attention with their animated corporate videos. They mix 2D and stop-motion animation to show common stresses we all understand. It’s smart, relatable, and stays in your mind.

Their carbon neutral message uses top-tier animation that makes a serious topic engaging. We can learn from Apple’s approach—tell powerful stories with memorable visuals.

Their success shows us the power of animated corporate video content in marketing strategies. By using business animation video makers, companies can share complicated topics like Apple does.

Whether it’s environmental goals or new tech features, animation brings these ideas to life in a clear and impactful way.

The Four Types of Corporate Animation Videos

When it comes to corporate animation videos, there are several types to choose from, each with its own way of helping your business communicate its message. From the simple and clear style of Whiteboard animation to the creative and budget-friendly approach of Cut-Out animation, there’s a style for every need. Here’s a look at four popular types of corporate animations that can make your message stand out.

1. Whiteboard

Whiteboard animations grab attention with their clean, professional look. We draw live on screen to explain concepts and bring stories to life. This style works wonders for all types of businesses, big or small.

It simplifies complex ideas into clear, engaging visuals. Imagine drawing out a process step-by-step – that’s the power of whiteboard animation in action!

We often choose this animated corporate video style for its versatility and effectiveness in communication. Whiteboard videos shine in representing unique business offerings distinctly and memorably.

Companies like Spotify and Starbucks have seen great success with this approach. Their messages resonate because they’re conveyed through compelling sketches that evolve right before viewers’ eyes!

2. Infographic

Infographic animations are a hit in corporate video production. They turn complex data into eye-catching visuals that grab attention. Imagine transforming boring figures and statistics into colourful, dynamic images.

This makes it easier for your audience to understand and remember information.

We love using infographics to explain tricky concepts or share important data with clients. These animated gems fit perfectly into any part of the sales funnel, whether it’s at the awareness stage or when you’re closing a deal.

Plus, they’re not just informative; they make your message stick without needing a high budget or fancy equipment.

3. Typography

Typography in animated corporate videos is not just about picking fonts. It’s a powerful way to connect with our audience and express our message clearly. Our choice of type can set the mood, guide viewers through the story, and even stir emotions.

With kinetic typography, we bring words to life by making them dance across the screen in sync with your brand’s voice.

We use typography animation carefully to ensure it enhances understanding rather than distracts. Animated text works wonders for topics that are tough to illustrate with traditional imagery—like abstract concepts or sensitive issues.

For us, crafting these visual elements is an art that transforms simple messages into captivating stories.

4. Cut-Out

We embrace cut-out animation in our corporate videos to showcase the unique aspects of different businesses. This style allows for professional-looking content that captures attention, even on a tighter budget.

We analyse every example of cut-out animation closely. Our goal is to ensure it effectively delivers your brand message and identity.

Let’s talk about making your company stand out with cut-out animation. With careful design and smart use, this technique can present complex ideas simply and memorably. It’s an excellent tool for getting a powerful message across without needing extensive resources – perfect for business video needs!


Creating engaging animated corporate videos can transform your business communication. With a strategic approach, even complex ideas become clear and appealing. Your message will capture attention, stick in viewers’ minds, and stand out in a crowded market.

Remember, animation isn’t just for kids; it’s a powerful tool to boost your corporate story! Start animating today and watch your engagement soar.