The Ultimate Guide to B2B Explainer Videos: Examples, Tips, And Best Practices

Creating the perfect B2B explainer video can seem like a huge challenge, like trying to solve a complex puzzle. We’ve been there too, trying to figure out how to make complex services and products easy to understand and interesting for potential customers. With 71% of B2B marketers now using video marketing, our detailed guide is ready to give you effective strategies. These strategies will turn any confusion into clear understanding. This guide will help you uncover the secrets of making great explainer videos – your step-by-step plan is here! Go ahead, it’s easier than you might think.

What Are B2B Explainer Videos?

B2B explainer videos break down intricate concepts into simple, engaging stories. They use high-quality visuals and clear language to help potential clients understand a product or service.

Unlike B2C videos, these aim directly at businesses. They address specific industry pain points and offer tailored solutions.

We create animated or live-action videos that capture your business idea in just a couple of minutes. These short films fit perfectly into the marketing funnel, helping sales teams turn complex ideas into easy-to-grasp knowledge for decision-makers.

With minimal colours and bold graphic elements, they keep viewers glued to the screen while presenting our message powerfully and succinctly.

Why B2B Explainer Videos Work

In the bustling world of B2B commerce, explainer videos have emerged as a secret weapon. They cut through the noise with their ability to distil complex ideas into digestible, engaging content that captivates potential customers and drives them to action.

Clear and Powerful Message

Let’s face it, tech can be complex. But our explainer videos simplify even the most intricate ideas for your audience. We zero in on what matters most – helping B2B customers see why they need your product or service without getting bogged down by industry jargon or technical terms.

Your powerful message stays front and centre, convincing potential clients that you have the solution they’ve been searching for.

Creative Introduction

Grab your audience’s attention right off the bat with a creative introduction in your B2B explainer video. Think of it as the hook that draws viewers in, making them want to learn more about your product or service.

We understand the importance of first impressions, and an engaging start can set the tone for everything that follows.

Using vivid images, intriguing questions, or surprising facts can give your video an edge. Remember, our aim is to make complex ideas simple; starting strong helps ensure that message doesn’t just reach but resonates with business owners and decision-makers alike.

We use a mix of animation styles—from whiteboard sketches to dynamic 3D animations—to tailor content that reflects both your brand’s personality and the message you need to convey.

Memorable Brand Image

Imagine customers instantly recognising your style and message. That’s what our B2B explainer videos do. They connect emotionally with viewers, making sure your brand sticks in their minds long after the video ends.

A unique, memorable brand image helps you stand out from the crowd.


Explainer videos boost conversions. In fact, 85% of people are more likely to buy after watching one. They make this huge impact because they don’t just show your product; they highlight the benefits it brings to other businesses.

A well-crafted video can take viewers on a journey from curiosity to understanding, right through to the decision to purchase.


B2B explainer videos are like digital business cards that spread fast. We make them, and they travel from screen to screen, grabbing attention everywhere they go. Our videos pack a punch with vital details about your products or services.

They’re easy to share across social media, email campaigns, or even at big industry events.

Key Elements of Great B2B Explainer Videos

Crafting a compelling B2B explainer video is an art form that hinges on several non-negotiables—think of them as the secret ingredients to capturing your audience’s attention and delivering your message with impact.

To craft a visual narrative that resonates, let’s delve into these pivotal elements without which, quite frankly, your video might just miss the mark.

Clear and Concise Messaging

We know that words have power, especially in B2B explainer videos. Your message must hit home fast. Viewers should grasp your product’s benefits without getting bogged down by technical jargon.

A tight script makes all the difference, educating and engaging your audience while driving them towards action.

Let’s keep our messaging razor-sharp. We aim for clarity above all to ensure every second of screen time counts. Remember, 94% of marketers say videos make understanding products easier for customers – we stand by this wholeheartedly.

Our videos cut through the noise with benefits front and centre, not just features.

Engaging Script

Crafting an engaging script is a cornerstone of effective B2B explainer videos. It’s how we translate complex ideas into easy-to-digest content that resonates with our target audience.

Our approach includes getting straight to the point and cutting out any fluff—our audience values their time, after all. We weave in key points with precision, allowing for maximum impact within the short attention spans typical of busy professionals.

A well-timed call-to-action (CTA) supported by emotional cues and visual aids prompts immediate engagement from viewers ready to learn more about what we offer or take the next step in their customer journey.

High-Quality Visuals

Stunning visuals grab your audience’s attention. Think bold colours, dynamic animations, and crisp graphics that make complex information easy to digest. Our goal is to create engaging video content with high-quality visuals that leave a lasting impression.

Whether we’re using animation or live-action footage, our focus is on making every frame count.

Our team ensures each visual element aligns perfectly with your brand image and message. We pay close attention to the details – from the consistency of colour schemes to the smooth transitions between scenes.

This commitment means you get an explainer video that doesn’t just look good but also powerfully conveys your B2B product’s unique value proposition. Let us capture your viewer’s attention from start to finish with visuals that communicate clearly and enhance understanding at every turn.

Consistent Branding

Consistent branding makes our B2B explainer videos stand out. We always use the same logos, colours, and fonts. This helps us build trust with you, our audience. Our brand becomes more recognizable each time you see our video.

Every B2B explainer video we create is a chance to show off who we are. We make sure that everything from visuals to voiceovers reflects our identity and values. It’s not just about looking good – it’s about making an impact that sticks with you well after the video ends.

Professional Voiceover

A professional voiceover breathes life into our B2B explainer videos, making them more than just visuals on a screen. A confident and clear voice speaks directly to potential clients, laying out the benefits of products with authority.

The right tone can set up trust and show off our brand’s personality. We choose voiceover artists who know how important their role is – they’re not just reading lines; they’re carrying the message we want to share with every word they speak.

Our team pays close attention to matching the voice with the mood of each video project. Quick-paced and lively for something upbeat or slow and measured for complex information – getting it right matters.

A professional voiceover ensures that all the key points hit home in those crucial minutes when we have audience attention locked in. It’s about crafting an audio experience that complements high-quality visuals, creating something memorable in a short amount of time.

Background Music

Choosing the perfect background music is a key step in making our B2B explainer videos hit the right note with viewers. It sets the tone and supports the story we’re telling through visuals and words.

The genre of music we select can speak volumes before a single word is spoken. For instance, classical strings might elevate technical content, while pop rhythms could bring freshness to innovation showcases.

Music builds emotional connections, keeping viewers engaged from start to finish. Remembering these points ensures our video not only informs but also captivates its audience.

Problem-Solution Framework

A good problem-solution framework makes B2B explainer videos gives immense power. The framework starts by diving into the everyday struggles that businesses face. We paint a vivid picture of these challenges, making sure your audience feels heard and understood.

Then, we bring in our hero – your product or service – to save the day. This approach doesn’t just highlight problems; it puts your solution in the spotlight.

Our aim is always to craft stories that resonate deeply with viewers. We address pain points head-on and showcase how you can make their professional lives easier and more productive with what you offer.


Let’s get viewers moving with a call-to-action that packs a punch. Imagine it as your video’s closing argument, the final nudge to convert interest into action. For our videos, we ensure this powerful sentence is more than just an afterthought; it’s the heart of our strategy.

Your explainer video has done its job – now make sure viewers know exactly what to do next. Whether it’s signing up for a demo, downloading a whitepaper or contacting sales, we craft calls-to-action that resonate with your message and inspire immediate response.

We place them where they can’t be missed and tailor them to align seamlessly with business goals, giving you the best shot at driving results.

Top B2B Explainer Video Examples

Let’s delve into the world of best-in-class B2B explainer videos, where we’ve handpicked standouts that have set benchmarks in clarity and engagement. These are not just random selections; they’re shining examples from industry giants like Google and IBM that demonstrate how a well-crafted video can become an unforgettable piece of your marketing arsenal.

Google Drive

We know the struggles of handling big projects and keeping everyone updated. Google Drive shines in its explainer video by demonstrating how to manage hefty tasks and tight schedules gracefully.

It showcases real-time updates on their dashboard, making collaboration simple and efficient. The video makes it clear that Google Drive is not just about storing files but also about boosting productivity across teams.

Imagine working with a tool that streamlines your workflow and keeps you connected wherever you are. That’s what Google Drive offers, as captured in their high-quality B2B explainer video.

It emphasises minimal colours for maximum impact, ensuring the message remains front and centre without distractions. With such a powerful example, we see how animated videos can effectively share a brand’s capabilities to businesses around the globe.

How businesses can get started using Google Drive

IBM + Watson

IBM teamed up with Watson to create an explainer video that really stands out. They showed how their advanced analytics and AI capabilities can solve real business problems. The video makes complex technology easy to understand.

It grabs the viewer’s attention by turning big data into a big deal for B2B clients.

Our team learns from examples like IBM + Watson’s video. It uses clear language, engaging visuals, and a confident voiceover to explain their service benefits. This kind of high-quality content sets the bar for B2B marketing videos, helping our clients see exactly what they’re getting into with IBM’s solutions.

(13) Behind the Algorithm – IBM Watson Assistant Explained

Nexmo – The Vonage API Platform

Nexmo stands out with its sharp B2B explainer videos, showing us how to merge voice, messaging, and authentication in our apps. This platform transforms customer communication through powerful API tools.

With Nexmo’s guidance, we can craft videos that capture our brand’s essence and communicate effectively with our audience.

Their methods help turn complex ideas into simple messages. Using Nexmo’s insights on creating high-quality video content helps businesses like ours boost engagement and clarify our services.

They deliver the know-how to make every second of screen time count in boosting our marketing strategy.


Hootsuite stands out in the B2B marketing world with its sharp explainer videos. They show how social media can drive personal and business growth. Their videos are designed for people who use social platforms regularly.

This makes Hootsuite a prime example of B2B explainer video success. We see their expertise shine through each piece they create.

Their visuals and messaging grab your attention right away. Hootsuite’s impact is clear, showing us how effective explainer videos can be for B2B marketing strategies. They manage to explain their platform without any fuss, making complex ideas simple to grasp.

This helps users understand the full range of products offered by Hootsuite, all within engaging short clips that pack a punch.

What Is Hootsuite?


We can learn a lot from Slack’s explainer video. It’s smart, upbeat, and gets right to the point. They show us how their messaging platform simplifies work communication by cutting down on emails and improving team collaboration.

With bold colors and dynamic content, the video paints a clear picture of how Slack fits into daily work life.

The example in our guide showcases Slack as more than just an app; it’s a solution that transforms business communication for the better. Viewers instantly see the benefits as real-life scenarios play out on screen—no confusion, just pure understanding of what makes this tool essential for businesses like ours.

What Is Hootsuite?


Let’s talk about AT&T and how they stand out in the B2B video marketing world. This powerhouse offers a range of videos, including product demos and remote testimonials that help businesses showcase their services.

Their quick response times make them a reliable partner, especially for tech and software companies.

They’re pros at managing large projects on tight schedules, making sure each client stays informed with real-time updates through an easy-to-use dashboard. Plus, they’re upfront about pricing—no hidden fees here! If you need to reach out, finding their contact details is straightforward: phone number, email address or visit them at one of their many locations.

With AT&T as your ally in video storytelling, your brand’s message is poised to make an impact.

(13) AT&T Business

Microsoft Azure

We love showing off our B2B explainer videos that feature Microsoft Azure. It’s a top choice for production, and it shines in the examples we introduce. With Azure, your video content gets a boost, making complex ideas easy to understand and exciting.

Azure helps us craft impactful videos that are clear, engaging, and memorable. We use Azure to demonstrate how products work seamlessly in the cloud environment. Our clients rave about the professional edge these tools add to their marketing campaigns.

They make each video more effective at converting viewers into customers.


Let’s make our B2B explainer videos unforgettable. With the right approach, they’ll shine, grabbing attention and driving sales. Remember, it’s about showing benefits, not just features.

Keep messages clear and engaging; your audience will thank you for it. Here’s to creating explainer videos that truly resonate with our viewers!

Saravanan M. is the Creative Director of He uses his keen eye for detail and passion for engagement to craft meaningful narratives that resonate worldwide. Drawing inspiration from humanity's diverse experiences, Saravanan creates compelling animations that help companies connect with their audiences. His focus is on visual storytelling that impacts, informs and inspires.