Future of Marketing - Video Marketing Trends


When we explore the most important aspects of content marketing, from content design to branding, remember that branding is the springboard for your strategy. More and more videos are being expanded into all areas related to video marketing, paving the way for new types of marketing solutions. Embedding this video marketing trend into your own videos will optimize the way you engage your audience with them in 2020.

Data Driven Video

Data-driven video will lead to unbiased and creative optimization. Use the help of mobile video marketing and data analysis experts to provide your marketing efforts with as much information as possible about the current state of the market and the future.

Social Videos

To achieve viral video marketing success, companies should promote their videos on social media such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube. Scan the data of more than 1.5 million video marketers in the United States, including the number of videos used for sales and lead generation.

Video Strategy

If you are willing to invest in video marketing and need help developing a video strategy, contact us today. If you haven’t used it yet, you can start with a simple little video for your brand and use it and move on from there. Before you create and share your videos, you need to try to use these video marketing trends in your online marketing strategy to see the impact.

Technology is constantly changing, and so is video marketing, so you should update your video marketing strategy with the latest video marketing trends. To help your agency keep up with the changes in video content options, we take a look at the various trends in video marketing that we are currently observing. What do you see in light of all the new trends we’re seeing and should you adapt your video marketing strategy to these latest video marketing trends. The inclusion of video marketing in Instagram Stories is one of the favorite trends for the next few years.


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Top 3 tips for Video Marketing Strategy

The twenty-first century has seen progress in platforms such as Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter. Videos have become common in these sites. Everybody has an account on a post and the websites a video attracts over a million views. Entrepreneurs have the benefit of capturing a great audience, by using this websites.

Tip 1 – Concentrate on reactive platforms.

Attention should be paid to platforms that are reactive. More so, the entrepreneurs need also to concentrate on emerging platforms which are performing well on mobile e.g. Snap chat, they should aim to get the most out of them.


Tip 2 – Target the right audience

The most successful social network entrepreneurs point out the reason of their success in concentrating their advertising attempts to target certain audience instead of convincing everybody of their products. Targeting specific audience ensures one gets the most out from the advertising investments they make.


Tip 3 – Ensure quality content.

The quality of the content is the key determinant of whether or not social network marketing will be a success. Always offer a high ranking content into your potential client and audience. This helps attract people, and once attracted, they are going to stay with you for long.


Final word

Social network promotion is a quite fertile ground as far as marketing services or just a brand is concerned, however, if not properly manage, it might prove a difficult undertaking, but by following the suggestions above it’ll become a success.

The Ins and Outs of Motion Design

"Today, motion design is one of the fastest growing fields across the globe. Simple animation or creative posters aren’t enough, people, audience, and professionals alike, are looking for something more. The difference between motion design and animation is very simple.

Motion designing is basically converting a graphic design into a video, giving it dynamicity, a life of its own. Animation, on the other hand, is making characters move to create a video. Both are in fact useful in telling a story or putting a message across to the audience.


There is a growing demand for motion design in the world, today majorly because of its ability to enhance a story and tell in the most beautiful, engaging way possible. It makes your product much more attractive and accessible.


There are lot of things that come into play when you’re creating a motion design. The timing (for the movements on screen), speed (can’t be too fast or too slow) and of course transitions (should match your character) all play a very important role.


But essentially there are also some things you will need to know if you want to make a successful final product.

Basic Animation

While there is the main difference between animation and motion design, in a lot of cases, you can imbibe animation in your motion design

Color Theory

Understanding the colour theory plays a major role. Colours convey feelings and moods and the wrong colour can give off a very different idea that the one you meant.

Graphic Designing

In your motion design, you are essentially bringing graphic elements to life. Knowing graphic designing can help you work better.


The font you use, its size and readability all play a huge role. You should be able to choose the way your words are presented and allow it to compliment your design.

Creative Thinking

It might be an obvious one, but I can’t go on without it being mentioned. There is no point in doing something in the usual way. You have to be able to think differently and creatively if you want your product to be a success. Be quirky and take risks. It will work in your favour.


It almost seems like an appealing idea to follow an idea that has already a success. But when you do that, people notice. And this robs you of the genuine response you expect from people. It’s advisable to be original, even if what stems from originality is not as good as something you had seen and got inspired from. At least you can call it your own.


In a world that is racing towards a digital era, motion designing plays a huge role. It is one the most interesting fields to work in and experience. At the end of the day, all you need to do is let your creativity flow.


The Motion Design team at Motionify. We bring life to your brand story in the most spectacular way possible.