17 Examples Of Animated Videos For Business, Organized By Type

Animated videos have rapidly become a staple in the business world, captivating audiences with their blend of visuals and storytelling. These digital masterpieces offer businesses an innovative way to convey complex messages with ease and creativity.

Their ability to engage viewers translates into enhanced brand visibility and message retention, making them a powerful tool in any marketing strategy.

Understanding this medium is simple: animated videos transform your business concepts into vibrant, moving visuals that are both informative and entertaining. From explaining services to showcasing products, these animations can span various styles—including whiteboard sketches, dynamic 3D models or playful cartoon characters.

With so many possibilities at hand, we’ve gathered 17 stand-out examples of animated business videos across diverse industries and video types. Whether you’re new to this approach or looking for fresh inspiration to light up your marketing campaigns, our curated selection offers a glimpse into how versatile and effective animation can be for any company’s narrative.

Prepare yourself for an eye-opening journey through the colourful realm of corporate animation that promises to be as enjoyable as it is enlightening.

What is Animated Video for Business?

Animated videos for business grab attention with moving designs, drawings and illustrations. They tell stories about products or services in a clear way. These videos can show complex ideas simply, making them easy to understand.

With vibrant colors and sound effects, they make messages stick in people’s minds.

Businesses use animated videos to explain how things work or why their service is useful. They can set the right mood, whether it’s professional or playful. This helps companies connect with their target audience on websites, social media platforms and emails.

Animated explainer videos turn viewers into customers by making memorable points quickly.

Benefits of using animated videos for business

Using animated videos for business grabs customer attention fast. They make complex ideas simple and fun. These kinds of videos blend colours, movement and sound to tell a captivating story.

This way, more people understand your message and remember it.

Animated videos boost engagement too. When customers enjoy what they watch, they stay longer on your site or social media page. This can lead to more sales and better connections with your audience.

Videos that are lively and easy to share help grow your brand’s reach across different platforms quickly.

Types of Corporate Animation Videos

The corporate world has embraced the power of animation as a compelling tool to convey complex ideas and messages. Discover an array of animation styles designed to captivate, educate, and inspire action across various business sectors.

Whiteboard animation

Whiteboard animation grabs attention with its simple style. Artists hand-draw images on a white background while the video plays. This makes complex ideas easier to understand. These videos are great for explaining how something works or telling a story about your product.

Infographic animation

Using infographic animations can boost your marketing strategy. They help tell a story with your data, showing trends or results in a compelling way. Viewers often prefer watching these dynamic graphics over reading long reports.

Infographic videos can be shared across social media platforms, making your message spread far and wide.

Typography animation

Typography animation brings words to life on your screen. It’s a powerful way to share your business message in videos. This style makes text move and change, grabbing attention fast.

You can use it for impressive title sequences or to highlight important points.

Cut-out animation

Cut-out animation brings flat characters to life in a way that captures the audience’s attention. It mixes art and storytelling, using paper or digital cut-outs. These animations turn simple graphics into engaging corporate videos.

Explainer animation

Explainer animation brings complex ideas to life. With vibrant graphics and engaging stories, these videos break down complicated concepts into simple visuals. They work wonders for any business, from startups to big companies.

Cartoons and lively characters draw viewers of all ages into your brand’s story.

Businesses can pick from many styles like motion graphics or character animations. This choice helps match the video with your company’s vibe. Plus, explainer animations help you stand out in a crowded market.

Use them on your website or social media to grab attention fast!

Logo animation

Logo animation breathes life into your brand identity. It grabs attention with movements like spinning, bouncing, and folding. Imagine your company’s logo transforming smoothly on screen – it makes a strong visual statement.

With 17 top-notch examples at hand, businesses can see the vast possibilities for their own logos.

Slideshow video

Slideshow videos are a hit for businesses. They mix photos, text, and music to tell your story. Simple slides can show off products or explain services quickly. You grab attention without needing fancy special effects.

And that helps people remember what you offer. Whether it’s coffee beans or cloud security, slide shows make an impact.

3D animated video

3D animated videos bring products and services to life in a way that catches the eye. These videos use high-quality graphics to create a world that viewers can dive into. They are great for explaining complicated ideas or showing off something that hasn’t been made yet.

They help build emotional connections with audiences by making each scene feel real and engaging.

Movie trailer & titles

Movie trailers and titles serve as powerful tools for catching an audience’s attention. They are the exciting previews that offer a glimpse of a film before its release in cinemas.

For businesses, this format can be adapted to create anticipation for new products or services. These custom video pieces showcase key features in a dynamic way, making potential customers eager to learn more.

Corporate Animation Videos for Technology and SaaS

The dynamic world of technology and Software as a Service (SaaS) often leverages animated videos to distil complex offerings into engaging narratives, illustrating the innovation behind their solutions with clarity that captivates prospective clients.

These animations serve not only to showcase product features but also to foster an understanding of tech ecosystems in ways that traditional media cannot match.

1. Microsoft

Microsoft uses animation to bring their tech and SaaS solutions to life. Their videos take viewers on a journey through daily challenges and how Microsoft’s tools can solve them. They mix live action with character animation and motion graphics in a way that is both compelling and informative.

This approach helps businesses understand the value of Microsoft’s products.

One great example is this video: Re-imagining Microsoft’s mobile experiences (youtube.com). It stands out because it explains complex services simply. By watching, potential customers see exactly how using Microsoft can make their work easier.

The vibrant colors, smooth transitions, and clear voice-over all contribute to a memorable experience that captures the essence of what Microsoft offers.

2. IBM

IBM harnesses the power of animated videos to engage tech-savvy audiences. Their corporate animation videos feature sleek graphics and compelling narratives that simplify complex technologies.

With the keystroke action of developers showcased in IBM Developer brand animations, they connect directly with their audience.

These detailed explainer video series stand as proof of IBM’s commitment to using visuals in communication effectively. The use of intelligence and science shines through these pieces, making them not just informative but also a testament to IBM’s innovative approach to business and technology.

3. Google Assistant

Google Assistant shows the power of business animation videos in technology. It uses a virtual assistant to help users control devices with their voice. This kind of smart tool makes tasks easier and saves time.

See Google Assistant in action here. The video is fun and simple, showing how the app works on different gadgets. It grabs attention and could convince viewers to use Google’s services.

This promo video for Google Assistant is perfect for companies looking into explainer videos for their products. It blends graphics and real-life scenes to make a cool video that explains features quickly.

Companies can learn from this when they create video content about their own tech products or services. Animated videos like this can be part of an effective sales funnel, turning viewers into customers.

4. Headspace

Headspace stands out with an animated corporate video that mixes humor, fun, and learning. Their video shows how to connect with audiences on a different level.

You can watch their engaging content here. With clever animation, Headspace makes complex topics simple and enjoyable.

Businesses can take notes from Headspace’s strategy to create memorable videos. They prove that educational content doesn’t need to be dry or boring. Instead, they use vibrant color schemes and smooth animations to hold viewers’ attention.

This approach helps form emotional bonds with the audience while sharing important messages about wellness and relaxation techniques.

5. Deloitte

Deloitte stands out in the business world for its expertly crafted animated videos. Their deep knowledge shines through in customised solutions, especially seen in their work with the Israeli video games ecosystem.

They use animation to make complex topics clear and engaging.

Watch a Deloitte Insights video on YouTube. It transforms detailed research into captivating visual stories, illustrating key points succinctly. These animations are not just informative; they connect with viewers by making insights come alive visually.

The Deloitte Insights video blends minimalist flat design with dynamic motion graphics, using simple shapes, bold fonts, and a limited color palette to create a clean and professional aesthetic. Animated elements like growing bar charts emphasize key points while keeping viewers engaged, making it a clear and effective medium for conveying complex information.

Deloitte’s diverse skills include creating commercial videos and whiteboard marketing animations that communicate messages effectively.

Corporate Animation Videos for Health and Wellness

Corporate Animation Videos for Health and Wellness: With the aim of harmonising complex medical concepts into digestible visual narratives, the health and wellness sector has leveraged animated videos to educate and engage audiences, effectively promoting healthier lifestyles whilst also demystifying services and treatments.

6. Starbucks

Starbucks serves up more than just coffee; it crafts compelling videos to showcase its brand. Their animated stories highlight new blends and ethical sourcing while inviting viewers on a cosy journey through their coffee experiences.

Check out this engaging Starbucks video: Follow Starbucks 15 Year Journey to 100% Ethically Sourced Coffee with Conservation International. It uses warm visuals and soothing music to make you feel at home, all while educating you about their unique coffee process.

The Seattle-based giant knows that great visuals stick better in our minds. With these animations, they’re not just selling a beverage; they’re selling an experience – one that leaves a lasting impression long after the video ends.

Businesses can learn from Starbucks’ approach to use branded content in creating a strong connection with customers.

7. Bolt

Bolt’s video masterfully uses animation to tell its story. It’s fast-paced, immediately capturing attention. This mirrors Bolt’s own dynamic nature. From humble beginnings as a small startup, it’s now a major tech player. This journey, relatable and engaging, speaks to customers and potential recruits alike.

Dynamic visuals paired with an energetic soundtrack bring the story to life. They underscore Bolt’s ethos of innovation and efficiency. Key values, like speed and adaptability, are woven throughout, painting Bolt as a leader in forward-thinking.

Data is used smartly. It’s not just numbers; it’s a narrative of success, lending credibility. A clear call to action at the end? It’s there, guiding viewers to engage more with Bolt. This dual appeal – to customers and future employees – shows strategic acumen in their marketing approach.

8. Apple Health

Apple Health steps up as a powerful tool for users to manage their wellness. Their app acts as a safe hub for health and fitness data, offering insights into various health aspects.

For businesses, an animated explainer video could show how Apple’s technology integrates with everyday life to improve wellbeing. A video like this makes complex health tracking seem simple.

The company’s commitment to user empowerment is evident in its latest report on product impact. Apple also provides developers with resources to create smooth animations across devices.

Videos highlighting these features could educate customers on keeping their data secure while fostering better health habits through appealing visuals and straightforward explanations.

9. Nest

Nest’s animated video captures attention with clever visuals and keeps viewers hooked. Their video blends animation with key messages about home safety and energy savings. With soothing music and warm colours, Nest’s animations create a feeling of comfort and innovation.

They show off their smart thermostats in action, making the complex technology look simple. This approach helps customers understand how Nest products can fit into their lives.

Watch the Nest animated video here. It stands out because it turns technical product features into easy-to-grasp benefits. The scenes flow seamlessly, highlighting the ease of using Nest devices to make homes smarter and safer.

This makes it not just educational but also enjoyable to watch, reflecting on their brand’s value in enhancing daily living through technology.

10. McDonald’s

McDonald’s takes a fresh approach to corporate wellness by crafting animated explainer videos. These creative pieces highlight their health initiatives and company values with flair.

They’ve tapped into the power of animation to make learning about their history both engaging and educational. Animated commercials from McDonald’s also enchant viewers, making product information memorable.

Their marketing strategy cleverly includes these animations to show off product benefits in a captivating way. Through slick animation, McDonald’s shares not just fun facts but also the lesser-known sides of its story, like legal battles and products that didn’t work out.

Each video serves as an effective tool for branding, leaving a lasting impression on consumers’ minds while reinforcing the global giant’s commitment to innovation in customer engagement.

11. NewYork-Presbyterian

NewYork-Presbyterian uses animated videos to share information about their health services and products. These engaging videos help explain complex healthcare processes in a simpler way.

They form part of the hospital’s digital marketing strategy and aim at promoting wellness. You can watch one effective animation. This video works well because it breaks down medical information into easy-to-understand visuals.

The hospital’s explainer animation makes learning about health care less intimidating for viewers. It delivers important messages while captivating the audience with crisp graphics and clear narration.

Videos like these can teach people how to manage their health and make informed decisions about treatment options. Using animated content, NewYork-Presbyterian connects with its audience on a more personal level, beyond just words on a screen.

Corporate Animation Videos for Retail and E-commerce

Discover how animated videos are revolutionising the retail sphere, enhancing customer experiences and driving sales in a sector where visual appeal translates directly to consumer engagement—unfold this narrative to see animation’s tangible impact on commerce.

12. Amazon

Amazon uses animated videos to show off its latest products. These videos mix fun, learning, and charm to grab attention. They help Amazon stay on top as the biggest online retailer and tech company.

For example, by using product demo videos on their site, they make shopping more exciting.

Their strategy makes items pop on your screen. Animated adverts give you a quick look at what’s new or special about a product. With creative characters and stories, Amazon’s videos are both cool and smart.

They tell you about their history, deals, and big moments in short clips that are easy to watch and remember.

13. Airbnb’s “Wall & Chain”

Airbnb’s “Wall & Chain is a compelling animated video that masterfully combines emotional storytelling with strategic brand positioning. The story, rooted in the historical context of the Berlin Wall, connects deeply with viewers through its focus on personal experiences of division and reunion.

The animation uses a soft, muted color palette and minimalist sound design to make the narrative approachable and emotionally resonant. This visual and auditory approach effectively supports the story’s journey from a somber past to a hopeful future.

Subtly integrating Airbnb’s services, the video aligns with the brand’s ethos of fostering human connections and breaking down barriers. It targets a broad audience, particularly resonating with those who value transformative travel experiences.

“Wall & Chain” not only enhances brand loyalty but also showcases the power of narrative in marketing, demonstrating how a story can deeply engage an audience while seamlessly promoting a brand’s core values.

Watch Airbnb’s “Wall & Chain” to experience how storytelling, art, and sound can create a powerful brand message.

14. Webfleet

The “Webfleet product showcase – Episode II – CAM 50” is a great example of how to make a product stand out using animation. The video uses a mix of music and applause, which makes it more dynamic and engaging. This isn’t just background noise; it’s carefully chosen to highlight key moments and make the product seem well-received.

The animation style is likely modern and sleek, combining 3D models to show off the CAM50 and 2D graphics to explain its features clearly. This mix helps viewers not only see the product but also understand what makes it special.

Without much dialogue, the video has to rely on these visuals to tell its story. It has to show, not tell, what the CAM50 can do and why it’s useful. This means the animation has to do a lot of work, making sure each scene is clear and compelling.

Technically, videos like this often use detailed 3D models and textures, especially for tech products. This makes the CAM50 look both attractive and realistic, helping viewers imagine how it would fit into their lives.

The main goal of the video is to grab the viewer’s attention and show them why the CAM50 is worth their time. It’s designed to appeal to potential customers or investors by showing the product in action and making it easy to see its benefits.

15. B&Q

B&Q uses animated videos to stand out in the retail market. These videos help customers understand their products better. They also tell B&Q’s brand story in a fun and engaging way.

By using animation, B&Q makes complex DIY tasks seem simple. Customers get inspired to start their own home projects.

Check out B&Q’s video on YouTube. This shows how they use animation to explain a product feature creatively. The video keeps viewers interested with bright colors and clear movements.

It turns shopping for home improvement items into an easy and enjoyable experience!

Corporate Animation Videos for Other Businesses

Delve into the realm of animated storytelling as we showcase how diverse industries like finance and music streaming are harnessing the power of animation to communicate their brand message—join us on a journey through captivating corporate visuals that elevate business narratives.

16. American Express

American Express uses animated videos to catch their audience’s attention. Their marketing strategy includes a corporate video that shines in creativity. It stands out as one of the best examples among top corporate animations.

Watch their video here. It grabs viewers with its unique storytelling and stylish graphics.

This credit card giant proves that even financial services can explore bold, visual content. The American Express animation makes complex ideas easy to understand and fun to watch.

They’ve mastered using animated explainers to communicate with customers about their products’ benefits effectively.

17. Spotify

Spotify knows the power of a good explainer video. They have worked with top animation production companies to create engaging, high-quality videos that showcase their products. These pieces of content help users understand Spotify’s complex features easily.

Their animated explainer videos are more than just promotional; they’re educational tools that bring clarity to their services.

Watching Spotify’s videos, you learn about music streaming options and discover premium features without reading paragraph after paragraph. Check out this YouTube link for an example of how Spotify uses animation to make a deeper impact on viewers.

This video effectively uses graphics and sound to explain why millions choose Spotify for their daily soundtrack.

Final Thoughts

Animated videos power up your business message in a lively way. Different styles suit various industries, from tech giants to local coffee shops. Remember that the right animation can make your brand shine.

Check out these 30 examples and find one that matches your vision. If you’re ready to create your own animated video, reach out to Motionify today!