Video Marketing on Instagram

With more businesses are choosing to incorporate video marketing on Instagram, it is no surprise why this social platform is experiencing such growth. A lot of business owners fail to realize that it takes more than just creating a page and calling it a business. A video can do so much more than just provide a link. In fact, many experts believe that a video marketing campaign that incorporates two or more videos can increase conversions by 80%. Below are some of the top-notch tips and tricks for optimizing your videos for the social network.
Make it specific to your audience. Show, don’t tell: The rule of thumb when it comes to online video marketing is that you need to make sure that the videos you produce are very specific to your targeted audience. For example, if you are marketing to children’s products, make sure that the videos are age-appropriate. If you are running an international business, explain what language you’re natively rather than assuming that your target audience will be familiar with international currencies. And don’t forget to specify if your products and services are only for Canada or Europe, as well as for specific countries (e.g. Australia or the U.K.)

Shorten it up. One thing that instills more engagement than a long sales pitch is making your video brief. Since people are used to commercials, they’re likely to get bored with an extended marketing message in a short period of time. The rule of thumb here is to keep it under 1 minute, and as you age your videos, you can increase the length as well.

Tell a compelling story. Studies have shown that video storytelling has the highest level of impact when it comes to brand recall than other types of marketing strategies like print ads and television ads. When people watch videos first, they are more easily entertained and remember them better than if they watch something they’ve seen before. This is the main reason why many businesses now utilize video storytelling as part of their online video marketing strategy.

Long-term benefits. Studies show that video marketing has the potential to improve customer loyalty because customers feel that they have “put in their time and gotten results.” It builds trust with viewers, and they will want to return to your page because they feel they’ve got something to gain by viewing your content. Branding recognition and higher credibility are some of the other benefits of video marketing on Instagram.

Immediate engagement. Most Instagram users are on the go. They are either running from work or looking for a place to grab a coffee before heading off to the gym. For this reason, videos are a perfect medium to engage viewers. People on this platform are always on the go, so they’ll be happy to see your promotional videos not just while they are on the go, but while they’re sitting at home, too. Video promotion through social media marketing has the potential to reach a wide audience, since almost everyone uses this channel on a daily basis.

Increased brand recognition. Instagram boasts over 85 million daily viewers, making it one of the most popular sites on social media marketing. With over a quarter of the global audience currently using the app, businesses who have an account in Instagram can benefit from increased brand recognition. Engaging your followers with video marketing will boost your follower count, which will ultimately increase your presence in the network and help you gain more followers.

By using a video marketing strategy on Instagram, you can ensure that you’re reaching the right audiences. The platform is a great place to market your products, and you can make use of several methods to reach your audience. Long gone are the days of posting ads in your feeds, trying to make the most of small ad spaces to get your product noticed. Instagram allows you to showcase your product easily in a number of different ways, giving you a chance to engage your audience and build brand recognition that’s already proven popular. This isn’t your only advertising strategy, but if you have the right content and a consistent marketing strategy, it’s certainly one of the few options that can work for you in the next decade.