How Much Do Promotional Videos Cost?

So, you’ve just launched your new company’s website and you want to know how much do promotional videos cost? First off, you need to understand that most online video services offer free creative options that can be used for your promotional videos. If you cannot find the perfect promotional video inspiration, search around until you find the right one for your website or business. Remember that your customers will most likely go to all of the websites on their list when looking for a product or service, so having a great introductory video is crucial. This is where you will insert your URL into the video description, which will cost you, but it will also drive traffic toward your website.

Some companies decide to pay others to create their promotional videos. This can be helpful when you want to reach a broad audience without spending a ton of money on advertising. There are also different options that allow you to create the video on your own or have it produced for you in house. Here’s how much do promotional videos cost, according to several online sources:

Original Video 

The average cost of producing a 30-second video ad is between seventy-five to one hundred U.S. dollars per hour. The price goes up based on factors such as the length of the video and the brand or company that is being advertised. Most advertising firms require that the video ad is three minutes long. In order to determine the cost, divide this by the number of promotional replicas being made.

Professional Video


A high-production, professional-looking promotional video costs more than traditional videos, because they take more time to produce and require better equipment. It is important to note that professional videos are more likely to be accepted and ranked highly by major search engines and directories, which will increase your chances of achieving more exposure. These cost approximately seventy U.S. dollars on average.

Freelance or On-Line Service

As with professional fees, the cost of video production goes up dramatically the higher the quality of the video. The average cost of producing a two-minute video per hour is approximately twenty-five U.S. dollars. Companies can save money by using free clips, but the clips must meet strict guidelines. A video must also be submitted according to certain specifications such as length and placement. You can often save money using on-line services.

Liveime Services


A company may save money by using a lifetime service, since the service allows for the creation of video ads in real time. The ads are designed based on the content of the website, and when someone searches the internet via their browser, the video will automatically be played. Since these services require a high degree of skill, they generally cost more than other options. This option typically lasts for approximately thirty-five U.S. dollars per hour.

YouTube Marketing

Since YouTube has become the second largest search engine on the planet, companies that want to advertise on a very popular platform need to invest heavily in video production. Most companies that have an online presence use YouTube for marketing, though they may also use other platforms such as AOL and Microsoft video. The average cost of producing a one-minute video ad using YouTube is approximately fifty U.S. dollars. In order to use the YouTube platform effectively, it is recommended that your video is at least fifteen minutes long.

In most cases, how much do promotional videos cost should be equivalent to one percent of the company’s annual budget. Since these videos tend to be highly visible to customers and clients, a significant investment is necessary. Your company needs to determine whether the investment will yield a high return on investment. If so, then it makes sense to continue using video as part of your overall advertising strategy.