About Currents:

Currents is one of the largest partners of Apple in India, with a nation-wide chain Apple Premium Reseller stores.Currents ensures that these world-class stores at prestigious locations offer the best environment for customers to meet-up, hang-out and enjoy the complete Apple experience.



The Brief:

Currents partnered with us for the past 3 years and we are offering the website, mobile apps and admin applications for managing the customers, products and their corporate informations.

Our Challenges:

Supporting one of the leading apple retailer in India we have planned to design the every aspect of service that resembles the apple websites and applications. We have went through the concept of colors, designs and user experience as same as the apple customers experiencing worldwide.

Our Solutions:

We created the websites with the streamlined processes for pixel perfect design and propermilestone deliveries. The Process includes taking the references from apple websites, colors and font’s that matches the design standards.


1.5 – 2 Months


Website Design:

 Based on the brief and the idea we have implemented the wireframes structured the layouts and UX. We gone through the process from sketching the wireframes, designing the user interfaces, development, testing and launching the website.

Mobile Application Development:

Since the Mobile app for all internal operations for leads and sales departments so we have analysed all the internal processes and management processes. Based on the functions we have finalized the user experience and usability of users perspective. The design and functionality is ease for operation team to handle day to day work process and have powerful control from backend application.


From the beginning we have supported end to end digital solution to currents retail to become the trusted brand in selling the apple devices throughout india. And we are happy to be and backend team to grow every step of currents retail successes.