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We understand the field of corporate video production in India and are skilled in the art of commercial video production owing to years of experience following it diligently and making it for our clients. Motionify has many creative enthusiasts who think beyond the boundaries and come up with enthralling story that will convince the audience to consider your products/services.

This attribute along with our customer-friendly approach has made us the best commercial video makers in Chennai.

Our talented technical team is well-equipped and persistent in creating the best videos with the latest technology. They will bring out the beauty of the story using their exceptional skills and keep the audience engaged throughout the video. Let’s meet over a cup of coffee to discuss about your project. Call us now to book an appointment.

Benefits of commercial Videos

Hit bullseye everytime

Motionify helps you create videos that you can use to target audiences on more than one platform.

Increase Sales & Conversion

A sales pitch done using 3D animation or motion graphics is far more effective than a PPT presentation.

Engage Your Target Audience

We do scripting, come up with creative concepts and motifs to take the message across effectively.

Deliver your story to where it belongs

We have a deep understanding of various platforms like YouTube, Vimeo, Facebook etc. that helps us while publishing a video.

Commercial video

“Motionify create commercial
live-action videos based on your budget. ”

Commercial Videos

Commercial Video

“Corporate Videos”

If you are a corporate company, you need a video that shows your inception, accomplishments, vision etc. Corporate Videos are complex, but fun to make. It gets the entire company involved in the process. We have professional videographers, editors and recording artists to help you create your own Corporate Video.

Design & storyboard

brief & kick off call

script writing

Video & Audio Production

Editing & Post Production

Render and Delivery

Frequently Asked Questions

“Motionify can help
you clear all your doubts in your mind”


What our Clients say


"They understood the process and asked the right questions."

Founder & Cretive Director, Web Design Company


"Motionify's patience made my work a lot easier."

Media Relations Lead, Human Rights NGO

"Fitch Learning"

"I was impressed with how quickly Motionify understood our brief and started working on our project."

Ricky Jones
Post-Production Manager, Fitch


"Their service was great and the price was really affordable."

Rebecca Robinson


"I was impressed with Motionify's work considering the complexity of the topic."

Lea Nacache
Communications Coordinator, I-DAIR


"It was great to work with Motionify team. Their ability to communicate helped to get the designs nailed down quickly."


"Tvs Credit"

"Great Expereince. The team is commended for exhibiting improvement after each feedback session."

Sarfraz Ahmed
Tvs Credit
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