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Motionify helps increase your sales, improves visibility and brand awareness


Live action videos are great for establishing leadership and showcasing expertise in your market. These type of videos help make people really care about what you and your message. Live action can be used for explaining a new concept, new methodology, process, ‘how to’ etc.


Whether it’s clients sharing how great it’s been to work with you, industry partners who have benefited from your collaboration or even your own team talking about what it is like to be part of your latest accomplishment, promoting your product or service etc, Promotional Video is an effective way to grab eye balls.


Animation is one of the many ways for you to include in your content marketing strategy. The reason many brands like animation is that it lets you display creativity the way you want. Animation provides visual and emotional stimulation, as well as that wow factor your content needs to be remembered.


Hollywood might disagree, but the truth is not everything needs to be in 3D. If the script and quality of execution is amazing, 2D will elicit the same reaction you expect from your audience. Our animators are experts in 2D and have delivered stunning 2D works to various clients. And we can do the same for you too.


If you are a corporate company, you need a video that shows your inception, accomplishments, vision etc. Corporate Videos are complex, but fun to make. It gets the entire company involved in the process. We have professional videographers, editors and recording artists to help you create your own Corporate Video.


Be it educational or a product demo, Whiteboard Videos are aesthetically and creatively superior to any other form. Our team holds extensive expertise in various whiteboard software allowing you to choose from a wide-range of options. Why not try Whiteboard Video for your next promotional requirements.


With so many apps available these days, standing out becomes an issue. A demo video can take care of that. An app demo video helps app owners to communicate their message to their potential users. We can create stunning app walkthroughs that showcases how to use the app etc.


If you are a real estate firm, interior designing company or manufacture any type of product, 3D Animation Video helps demonstrate it in most creative and attractive way possible. When it comes to 3D Animation, it’s all about the execution. We have the system requirements, professional acumen and creativity to pull it off.


Videos will rule the digital space in the coming years. The signs of it are already evident. Just check your Facebook page for a good example. However, it won’t just be enough to create any video. We revel in conceptualizing and creating sharable, likeable micro viral videos that increases your brand’s awareness and popularity.

Our Video Production Process

Brief & Kick Off Call

Before we start your project we’ll work to fully understand your product or service. We’ll ask questions about how it works, why people would use it, the core features and benefits, your audience and much more.

Script Writing

When we fully understand your business, we’ll write your script. Our copywriters aim to take the information you’ve given us and craft a short, engaging and clear message that speaks directly to your audience.

Design & Storyboard

Once you have signed off your script, we’ll design every scene of your video. Everything we create is custom made for you to match your style, brand, website and other marketing collateral.

Music & Voiceover

Before we animate your video, we’ll record a professional voice over if required and source music to fit. You’ll have a choice of a range of voiceover artists (Male/Female & American/British accents).


We’ll animate your graphics. This is where we add movement to each item in your video. We take immense care to make everything look natural & we’ll add extra animation for more excitement and engagement.

HD Video

When your video is complete, we’ll send you a 1080p/720p HD version of your video. You will be able to use your video anywhere you like, on your website to trade shows. We’ll also provide guidance on how to get it out to the world!

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