Why 3D Videos are important for travel industry

For all the talk about the 3D videos and projection technology that is going to be available to consumers in the near future it still doesn’t have a real equivalent in the travel industry.

When you take a look at any video on the road with a digital sound track it can be compared to watching a film or television show, yet when that same video is projected onto a 3D screen you suddenly find that it all makes sense. There are certain things that travel has in common with the movie and television industry. The cost of producing each type of production is extremely high, the viewing experience needs to be perfect for the audience, and often the best source of entertainment that these mediums offer can not always be found in our homes.
3D video’s are one of the best sources of entertainment when it comes to traveling.
When traveling there is so much that needs to be considered and planned for. In most instances you will be departing from an airport or hotel and taking a trip across country or even overseas. This means that you will need a car rental, all travel related equipment, as well as special gear depending on your destination and type of transportation. In many cases a great deal of planning goes into each traveling experience just to get everything in order and there are few travel industry professionals that haven’t had to deal with this type of situation at some point in their career.

As a video production company it behooves you to have your own special type of video equipment that can help to make your clients and/or travel companions feel as comfortable as possible. In most cases your video equipment needs will be similar to what most professional movie and television companies use. However, most often you will also need to have your own format. The format that you choose will depend upon the type of image and color depth that you want to present to your audience. The reason that choosing the right format is so important is because most travel industry
professionals will choose to work with the video format that is the industry standard.

When selecting the format for your video you should choose the format that has the highest bandwidth and storage capacity. If you only intend to provide streaming video you will not need a high definition format, however if you will be using your camera and audio equipment to film actual video footage you will need to use the highest quality format that your equipment will support. Many of these companies will also provide editing services in order to help you to organize your video shots and transitions. There are many different types of editing software programs that can help you to accomplish this task.

When working with the various types of video equipment that are needed in a travel production you will find that there are many choices available to you. One of the most popular choices is to utilize computer video equipment. You will find that there are plenty of choices available to you and they can be purchased online or offline. Before making any type of decision you should check with local businesses in your area to see if there is a rental store that they sell video equipment to.

Another format that is quite popular is the DIV format. This video format is one of the easiest to work with when creating a travel industry video. There are many online sites that offer DIV video editing software. This particular format is similar to what you would see in a digital still camera and will allow you to transfer your footage onto a DVD or VCD. You will find that this format is perfect for short travel videos that need to be put on a CD.

If you are more interested in a digital format then you might want to look into the PICT format. This format is similar to AVC video and can be used with a DVD burning program. The only difference between PICT and AVC format is that PICT can be used with PC. PICT is being used more by the travel industry because it is a portable format. You will find that PICT is not as portable as some of the other formats that are available but it does provide a good quality video that can be used on any modern computer.

You also need to consider the type of computer that you plan on using when editing your video. There are many places online where you can get video editing software for free. You may decide that you want to use a free video editing software on your PC. You may also decide that you need to invest in your own video equipment to be able to use this software. When you have all of your equipment ready and waiting, you will find that working on your project will be a lot easier.