Video Marketing In Ecommerce – How To Attract More Visitors And Increase Sales

Video Marketing is an advertising strategy employed by online companies to promote/market their product, brand or service through a video format. Although video marketing has been on the radar of most companies for a long time now, yet most eCommerce sites still don’t pay much attention to it nor say why ignore its advantages. It’s true that Video Marketing is considered as one of the most effective tools to spread awareness about products, services and corporate messages. But it’s also true that, it’s a very complicated process compared to other traditional marketing tools which require planning, strategy formulation, analysis, research, evaluation and monitoring.

Most people tend to compare Video Marketing in ecommerce sites with traditional forms of marketing like advertising, promotion and public relations. While the above said tasks require ample planning, analysis, evaluation and monitoring, Video Marketing in ecommerce requires very little of those. In fact, Video Marketing in ecommerce is considered as one of the most flexible, convenient and cost effective marketing tool available nowadays. It has the potential to attract a huge amount of traffic at comparatively low budget. Hence, Video Marketing in ecommerce is highly recommended by most internet marketers these days.

However, Video Marketing in ecommerce is not as simple as pie, there are several factors to consider before zeroing down your video marketing campaign in any particular site. For starters, you need to analyze your target market and know what they want. Once you’ve established the necessary details, start creating infographics related to your niche and product. This not only makes the content interesting but also helps to establish rapport between your readers and you. In addition, it will help you in improving the Search Engine Ranking (SERP) of your site.

A Paper made Infographic is another option to increase sales. The concept of makingan infographic is not new. In fact, it was first used way back in the 1990s during theWorld Wide Web era to promote products and services. The concept has now gonedigital and is used for almost all sorts of infographics, including infographics for business websites. When done properly, a paper made infograph will look extremelyprofessional and even a bit gimmicky.

When it comes to Video Marketing in ecommerce, it’s best to avoid the typical, boring and very common video formats and opt for more creative options like an image slide show or a video presentation. Image slideshows and video presentations are two highly effective multimedia strategies that can help you increase sales. It is important to keep the overall design simple and clean. A lot of people prefer to use html to create slideshows and images because it allows them to add captions and graphics. While digital marketing experts advise keeping your video presentation short and sweet, it’s up to you to decide how much time you want to devote to this part of your marketing campaign.

Mobile Devices The latest mobile devices have screen sizes bigger than 4.5 inches. If you’re planning on doing any Video Marketing in ecommerce, it would be best if you upload your infograph to a smaller sized version for the smaller screens of the mobile devices. The main reason behind this is because people using the small screens of mobile devices tend to misplace their video infograph. An image slide show or a video presentation with a lot of captions and images will definitely attract visitors to your website.

Social Media is one of the most powerful tools today when it comes to promoting your product or service. However, a lot of people believe that social media is strictly for business purposes and that it can’t be effectively used for marketing. Although it’s true that social media can effectively boost your online marketing, it would be best if you do Video Marketing in ecommerce alongside traditional ways of advertising. A great way to do this is to create a video slide show using social media and submit it to different networking sites. If you do a regular update to your slide show using digital marketing tools, you’ll definitely get more viewers. This is because social media users love to see updates coming to their feeds.

YouTube is one of the most visited websites today. It offers millions of user-friendly web pages and a lot of content. Since it has become an established name in digital marketing, it’s only natural that you should use YouTube as a tool for your Video Marketing in ecommerce campaigns. There are two ways on how you can promote your product or your services using YouTube. You can either use marketing video tutorials that will walk you through the process or you can use a product video extension that will enable you to easily upload videos to your website, Facebook and Twitter.