Top 10 reasons why Woocommerce is best For Retailers

The most popular WordPress eCommerce version is WooCommerce, and it is the WordPress – Woo Commerce combo that defines the core of WooCommerce. Woo Commerce is free, but can be expanded to add Woocommerce Analytics, email marketing, CRM, etc. Let’s have a quick look at the top 10 reasons on why WooCommerce is best for Retailers

1. WooCommerce can be used by anyone, so even if you have already managed to get your WordPress site launched and forget to launch it, you will still be able to handle WooCommerce. The modularity benefits retailers using Woo Commerce in two ways: they have the ability to develop e-commerce – specific extensions for Woo Commerce only, and the service providers using it have access to the ability to do e-commerce – specific applications such as Woocommerce.

2. Use the WooCommerce Private Store to ensure that additional parts of your business remain hidden from the public. The method used in this add-on allows B2B users to log into their account and access the private Woo Commerce wholesale area. Use the Wholesale Order Form to maintain the standard Woo Commerce layout for your retail customers and set different prices for wholesale rolls.

3. WooCommerce store owners who, for example, want to offer exclusive products to customers with user accounts may find this option useful. If you need enhanced visibility options to restrict your products to individual users or certain wholesale roles, you must use Woo Commerce Wholesale Pro along with other plugins such as Woo Commerce Protected Categories. For those of you who want to hide other parts of your woocommerce, we recommend using it together with the other plugin for the wooCommerce Private Store, such as the checkout page.

4. If you are selling to both retail and wholesale customers, you may need a way to add a wholesale section to your existing WooCommerce store. If your Woocommerce Wholesale Store (B2B store) sells to retail or wholesale customers, you need to make it available in some way, such as through the Woo Commerce Wholesale Pro plugin.

5. The private shop WooCommerce plugin allows you to hide your entire business so that only your wholesale customers can access it. This plugin also connects your store to your Woocommerce account.

6. WooCommerce integrates with Google’s product feed, which quickly and accurately generates a Google product feed for your WooCommerce store. Several plugins for the Google Shopping Feed are available, making it easy to search for products in the Google Store quickly, easily and easily. This plugin is relatively new, but when used correctly, it is a powerful plugin that gives you a little insight into what you are looking for in the Google Shopping Feed. Add features, including the ability to choose which products you want to display in your WooCommerce wholesale and retail area, and increase the total sales of your e-commerce business tenfold. This plugin can be a great tool for setting up wholesale prices in a Woo store.

7. Price fixing in WooCommerce allows you to set sales across the store so you can select specific categories of products or even brands you want to include. You can set discounts as needed using things like “Get X,” “Buy X” or “Get Y,” set up stores for certain products like “Buy X, Buy Y” and even create coupons with Woo Commerce BOGO deals.

8. Once your WooCommerce store is finished and you have successfully created your products, you can plan how you can use them for sale on Google Shopping.

9. Woo Commerce Checkouts Field Editor is a free plugin that lets you customize the checkout experience for your shoppers. Direct departure from the Woo Commerce plugin allows your customers to skip the shopping cart page and go straight to the checkout. Below you will find an example of an order field for Woocommerce customers that we have created and adapted for order fields for checkout. [Sources: 0, 9, 10]