Steps to Follow When Designing a Mobile App

” Mobile Apps are the trend of the day for today’s generation. We have gotten used to having an app for everything and each day there are more and more things that we need apps for and more and this gives birth to more ideas for mobile apps. “

As complicated as people might think the process is, it can be very easily broken down into simple steps. Mind you though, in no way are we saying that building a mobile app is an easy task, just that the process is nothing to be scared of and giving up on.

” The first and most important part of creating a mobile app is the idea or sometimes the problem that you are going to solve through your app. “

“The second step in creating your mobile app is making sure that you need an app for your idea. If you end up making one and it isn’t that useful, then your efforts will have gone to waste.”

” The next step is to plan the way the app will flow and how the users will use it. Along with this, you need to make a list of all the features that your app will have. This allows you to get a clear idea of how your app is going to work. You can always do that little bit extra and do this using a wire framing tool. “

” Another important thing to do is remove everything unnecessary from your first version. All the extra work that you do, save it for your subsequent versions. Rather, in the first one, keep it simple and straightforward. “

” Make sure that you always put the design first. Remember that your design is about how your app will look and how everyone who uses it will experience. Your design is the way you make your app useful! “

” In this step, you need to start coding your app. If you’re not well-versed in the subject then go ahead and hire someone who is. “

” Next up, do all the analytics; track downloads, user engagement, retention capacity. There are a lot of tools and apps available for this (Flurry, Localytics). Make use of them. “

” Before you take your app live, get feedback from random users, friends etc. Service providers like Apptentive helps you with gathering a user group and getting their feedback. This will help you make your app better. “

” The final step is to now make your first version of your app better. Now’s your chance to introduce all the new features that you dreamed and planned about. “