Have you ever pondered how to answer the questions your new customers are asking or how to successfully introduce new ideas to investors? If yes, you need explainer videos. Motionify can help you with high-quality 2D, 3D and motion graphics explainer videos that are second to none.


Our videos are based on well-written scripts that are direct and engaging. Therefore, you will not have to worry about your customers not knowing how your product/service work. The explainer videos we create will always be focused on your target audience, their problems and providing clear solutions.

Why Motionify ?

Get your Powerful Story Faster

Storytelling is the skill of art to establish connections with audience. Our writers get to know about you deeply and understand to give the best story to reach your consumers.

4k Ultra HD Quality videos

As improvements in high-end technology devices and platforms, the video needs to be played in any future and current technology. Motionify understands the formats of video accross all platforms.

Quick Turnaround time & Delivery

Motionify team always dedicted to timelines and keen to clients expectations with each and every tasks of the projects. Our team will always close to work with you stritctly as per the deadlines of the projects.

Get guranteed ROI within months

Our explainer videos always have a good return on investment in smaller cost on video production. Also motionify crafting each videos for audience behaviour to get the maximum performance out of it.

Benefits of Social Media Videos ?

Hit bullseye everytime

Nowadays, video viewing and sharing has become accessible in most content streaming devices, especially mobile phones. Motionify helps you create videos that you can use to target audiences on more than one platform.

Increase Sales & Conversion

A sales pitch done using 3D animation or motion graphics is far more effective than a PPT presentation. Placing a video that explains your product or service on your website exponentially increases the chances of conversion.

Engage Your Target Audience

Entice and retain your customers’ attention by telling awesome stories on video. We have a great eye for detail and the penchant for outstanding visual communication. We do scripting, come up with creative concepts and motifs to take the message across effectively.

Deliver your story to where it belongs

It’s one thing to create stunning videos, it’s another thing altogether to chose where to publish them. Not every video belongs everywhere. We have a deep understanding of various platforms like YouTube, Vimeo, Facebook etc. that helps us while publishing a video.

Our Video Production Process

Brief & Kick Off Call

Before we start your project we’ll work to fully understand your product or service. We’ll ask questions about how it works, why people would use it, the core features and benefits, your audience and much more.

Script Writing

When we fully understand your business, we’ll write your script. Our copywriters aim to take the information you’ve given us and craft a short, engaging and clear message that speaks directly to your audience.

Design & Storyboard

Once you have signed off your script, we’ll design every scene of your video. Everything we create is custom made for you to match your style, brand, website and other marketing collateral.

Music & Voiceover

When we fully understand your business, we’ll write your script. Our copywriters aim to take the information you’ve given us and craft a short, engaging and clear message that speaks directly to your audience.


We’ll animate your graphics. This is where we add movement to each item in your video. We take immense care to make everything look natural & we’ll add extra animation for more excitement and engagement.

HD Video

When your video is complete, we’ll send you a 1080p/720p HD version of your video. You will be able to use your video anywhere you like, on your website to trade shows. We’ll also provide guidance on how to get it out to the world!

Types of Explainer Videos

2d Animation Video

Hollywood might disagree, but the truth is not everything needs to be in 3D. If the script and quality of execution is amazing, 2D will elicit the same reaction you expect from your audience. Our animators are experts in 2D and have delivered stunning 2D works to various clients. And we can do the same for you too.

White Board Animation

Be it educational or a product demo, Whiteboard Videos are aesthetically and creatively superior to any other form. Our team holds extensive expertise in various whiteboard software allowing you to choose from a wide-range of options. Why not try Whiteboard Video for your next promotional requirements

Product Explainer

If you are a corporate company, you need a video that shows your inception, accomplishments, vision etc. Corporate Videos are complex, but fun to make. It gets the entire company involved in the process. We have professional videographers, editors and recording artists to help you create your own Corporate Video.

App Demo Videos

With so many apps available these days, standing out becomes an issue. A demo video can take care of that. An app demo video helps app owners to communicate their message to their potential users. We can create stunning app walkthroughs that showcases how to use the app etc.

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