About Termoplast:

Founded on the four pillars of Quality, Speed, Flexibility & Agility, TERMOPLAST POLYPACKS ITALY (INDIA) PRIVATE LIMITED is a manufacturer and exporter of the entire gamut of trims, accessories & packaging solutions for global brands in soft goods industries like Apparel, Footwear and Gears.

The Brief:

Client came to us to create the unique user interface from their old traditional website. They expected for simple user experience to understand the termoplast products & services. Since they are partners with United Color of Benetton so we have more clarity and clear idea to implement the both design and their corporate information and puts blends together.

Our Challenges:

Our main challenges is the design and put all together in one plate to project the termoplast manufacturer, exporters and brand partner for one of the famous brand in the world united color of benetton. And also the timeline is very short since the website need to be launched within 2 weeks to project the brand in international market audience.

Our Solutions:

We have started working on the day one on how to choose the design and how fast we can able to implement the development and launch the website. So we have gone through the speed phase of work process from content planning and UX design for interface and usability within the website.



2 – 3 Weeks


Website Design:

 we started working on wireframing, sketching the user interfaces, designing the layout, creating the visuals and images, development and testing. And we love the process of the work each stage and we landed the launch process.