About Restyle Closet:

Restyle Closet is an online shopping e-market website to buy clothes, shoes, dresses and other such accessories and apparels from eminent brands. The client had seen our work and held high expectations right from the start.

The Brief:

Being a high fashion website that is accessible across Australia, excellent design, and seamless user experience was an absolute must. The additional ask was the immense collection of categories, sub-categories, products of various brands that would fill the web page. We had to make sure the website didn’t look cluttered and finding information was as easy as it gets. The website also acts as a platform for brands to sell their products.

Our Challenges:

During the past decade or so, the globe has shifted. Caused by the exponential increase in technology and innovation, mainly in the digital realm. In numerous narratives about this change that we find ourselves being in the midst of, rarely does one mention the contribution and importance of design. Which, to me, is strange because beyond the complex coding and compiling, the bickering and marketing,  it’s the design that evokes a visceral emotion in all us. The most essential facet of all.At Rootsbridge, we take design seriously. We think about it, work on it, debate it, explore it with undying passion.

Our Solutions:

With a huge client, with high stakes and tight deadlines, we found ourselves right where we belong.



1.5 – 2 Months


Step 1


We started with the Conceptualization. For every great design starts with this step. The website was thought out to be friendly to both buyers and sellers. We made sure that no page on the website ignores the other. Easily navigable,understood and pleasant to browse.

Step 2

User Interaction

We looked into tons of e-commerce websites, especially those from Australia to understand their user behaviour. We charted an elaborate User Interaction Visualization to help us gauge how we want the users to navigate through the website and get what they want with minimum number of clicks, through to the checkout. This exercise never fails to deliver. We decided on using white background, grey and black font colour to give the website a solid, elegant look. Style guidelines were devised.

Step 3

User Experience

The UX It all comes down to this. The experience the website offers its users. We dug deep fine-tuning the usability and accessibility of the design. We wanted users to stay where we wanted them to stay longer, soak in the beauty of the product in offer, provide the necessary information they need to make a decision to buy and quickly take them through the payment process.

Step 4


Before we put on our viewing glasses, we put pencil on paper to sketch low-fidelity wireframes for all the pages of the website. This was then submitted for client approval.Wireframing becomes crucial when you need to give the client a prologue of what they are going to get with the design and for our own understanding of the workflow and reference purposes. It removes the element of surprise, no going back and forth, reducing wastage of valuable time, which can be instead used to better the design.

Step 5


The final step. But one that takes chunk of the time. We used our skills in Photoshop and illustrator to design exactly what we conjured up in the wireframe. We welcome you to see the result.

Mobile Responsive Design:


Client experienced overall user experience with ease for their customers. And they are pretty happy about the sales and becomes one of the leading closet in Australia now.