About Lenco:

Lenco is synonymous to quality watches with a blend of style and substance.The brand “Lenco” was initiated in 2012, duly backed up by an unsullied experience of 18 years in the Swiss watch industry and has since created a buzz in the horological industry through our quest for perfection and the wide range of designs that we offer.

The Brief:

Client need to rebrand the existing brand called lenco and they need a professional and unique identity to showcase their brand in every medium of business processes. And also expected the corporate identity and branding kit to establish the brand in new level. Later client wants to promote lenco through tv commercials and promotional videos for particular high end watches and lenco corporate presentation.

Our Challenges:

We have gone through lenco services and products for the past decades then we come to an understanding to prepare the CI that need to increase brand value for every stage of business milestones. The identity has to be trend setter in the watch industry and should be confortables and easily registered in their mind.

Our Solutions:

We have started created with multiple options of identities and unique CI Guidelines to client for approvals. The brand strategies and brand development created along with branding guidelines.

Corporate Identity:

The Colors, design and the symbol of L & C depicts the unique identity in pyramid shape so it’s stands out from other market leaders in watch manufacturing industry in india.


As the results of the brand visibility shows more impact on increasing dealers and customers throughout india lenco drives the unique brand value to all customers especially for kids audience.