Bring Them Back! Let’s accept the fact that most of the consumers don’t buy anything on their first visit. They need a lot of nurturing through different means to attract them back. These different touch points will help them convert from a mere visitor to a customer, but it might take different amount of time depending on your business. Let’s look at some of the tactics which can help you in converting your visitors into customers.

  1. Follow up Emails


On an average 68% consumers will abandon their carts, which mean a lot of opportunity. Here, you are already sure that the users want those products as they have done a lot of research and added those items in the cart. If you can send a follow up email about their cart within 2-3 hours, it increases the chances of a complete transaction.

  1. Retargeting


Retargeting helps in reinforcing your brand. If properly used, it acts like an alarm, tempting the customer to come back to your site right away. Tools like Google remarketing, AdRoll and Facebook remarketing are being used widely. It’s very easy to setup once your site is getting enough traffic. You can set rules, for your retargeting audience, depending upon which pages they are visiting.

  1. Referral Marketing


Many of the retailers are using this strategy to get their most recent and happy customers talk about their purchase. Review/suggestion by a friend is still one of the crucial factors while making a purchasing decision. So, it’s quite an important area to harness upon. You can start giving offers like a $25 for referring to 50 friends or a 10% discount if a referral buys from your site, etc.

  1. Signup Popups


Whatever said and done, email marketing still plays a crucial role in getting customers. So, if you can build your list through sign-ups, nothing better than that. Many retailers show a pop up at the beginning and ask for a sign up before navigating into the website. It might not work all the time as customers don’t like to provide their details before shopping. But you can ask them to subscribe as an optional measure. You can even give some cashback offers for doing so.

  1. Upselling Products


This works a lot in online retail. For example, if a person a buying a camera and your product page recommends him camera batteries; he will certainly buy those too. So, you can come up with some combo packs which will upsell your secondary products easily. Forrester says that, such product recommendations are responsible for an average 10-30% of the revenue. There are many such tactics which you can build upon and start getting more customers and eventually more sales. Pricing still plays the lead role, but you can bank upon other psychological factors which can help in shooting up your sales. End of the day, all customers are human and we need to heed to their psychological needs as well. Watch them closely and you will know what they want from you.



E-commerce organizations want better conversion rates. What’s going to deliver higher conversion rates? Technology upgrades, data driven decision making and targeted marketing will help a lot.  They should have these techniques a try to see some dramatic improvements.

How can we help:


Our vision is to help e-commerce organizations achieve one simple thing – Develop your software product/ platform within 60 days, test it within 15 minutes and achieve the envisioned profits 2x faster.  Our solution accelerators give you both speed and customization without compromising quality.

Rapid Development Framework:


Develop and deploy new software product within 60 days using strategies such as prototyping, iterative development and time boxing.

Release Expeditor Framework:


Accelerate existing software development & release next version of powerful applications within 60 days by combining DevOps , Microservices architecture and 100% test automation strategies.

Selenium Accelerator Framework:


Manual testers & QA organizations can implement automation within 15 minutes without Selenium or any other automation tool knowledge.

Python Omnicommerce Framework:


Enable a unified branding experience across all channels such as online, mobile, social media and call center.


Choosing the Right Graphic Design Company for you

These days, it truly does seem like start-ups are the new trend. It seems like new companies are coming up in every corner. This automatically makes it even more difficult for each of the companies. They’re all in a rats race to be the first to get noticed and selected by clients.

One of the most important factors to consider when you want to be the best in the industry is how you define and execute your branding.

And for branding to work and stand out, the role of graphic designers is imperative.

With the explosion of startups, several graphic design companies have risen to cater to their requirements. This means that startup owners have a plethora of options to choose from.

This means that it can make the decision of choosing the right graphic design company a very confusing one. But the truth is, this decision can be pretty easy, there are only few rules to follow.


The first thing to do is make a list of the graphic design companies in your area or in the locality you want. Once you make this list you’ll know what your options are.

The next step would be to do your research on these companies. Check out their portfolios, websites, testimonials and all that. The most important thing to look for is the company’s philosophy and process. Whether you think you can get the job done from them.


Now that you’ve done your research, you now know exactly what kind of work the companies have done, it will be easy for you to figure out how many of them go with your thought flow. This will automatically make it very easy for you to short list your initial list of companies.

The next step would be to make contact with the people. Speak with them over the phone, set up meetings to see how passionate they are. Let them know what you want and whether they are capable of your work.


The final step is to compare the responses you have received and make your decision. And there it is, the easy way to choose the graphic design company for you.

At the end of the day, the most important part would be to build a relationship with whomever you choose for your project. That is the only way for you to be able to not only do your project well, but also be satisfied with it at the end of the day.


A Boom in Website Design Companies Today

” Today, the physical world as a whole is in a transition as it attempts to transfer its life and times online. The world with all the people in it are all geared up in an attempt to understand the workings of the online spectrum and make their own stand in it. “

A website plays a crucial part in the branding and marketing of a business, no matter of its size of scale.


So, it is not really surprising that these days, there is a proliferation of website design companies. Especially when you consider a city like Chennai where start-ups are appearing at a rapid pace, this is even more evident.


With everybody looking for everything online, it really is no surprise that companies now need an online presence. The fact is, these companies don’t just want a presence online, they want to be discovered and achieve success!


Not everyone knows the intricacies of the online world. So automatically, there arises a need for a select group of people who can help businesses to create an extravagant and over the top online presence. This is the basic reason for the sudden proliferation of website design companies these days.


A website design company helps its clients create an online presence that matches their profile and tone. In this process, they also make sure that the company’s website appears top of search results when people are googling for keywords related to their field.


So the big question that comes up will be choosing the company that is right for you. This again will involve research, analysis and of course a little belief in your instincts.


There are very few companies that are capable of catering to all kinds of audiences and their requirements. Motionify happens to be one of those. So if you believe in us, all you need to do is mail us at enquiry@motionify.co

Digital Marketing – SEO

‘SEO’ is a word that has become very common in today’s online world. But despite its popularity, very few actually understand its concept!


SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. It is the process of getting traffic for a website through organic, editorial and organic search results on various search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing, AskMe etc.


To be more thorough, all search engines have primary search results where content is shown after ranking. This ranking is based on what is relevant to the keyword searched by the user according to the search engine’s algorithm.


There is heavy competition within websites belonging to the same industry to be ranked on the top of search engine results. Skilled minds are hired to help them achieve this.


We at Motionify take responsibility to help companies get business through search engines. We are ranked among the top most SEO agency in Chennai.

Our Process happens in these steps.

digital marketing

” We start with the research and analysis. The work differs from client to client and ultimately from company to company. Essentially, for each client, a keyword research will be conducted to find all the ideal keywords searched by the public relevant to their industry. The next step would be the analysing and reviewing of past performances. “

Once the site audit is complete, we decide whether the website needs to be redesigned or the content needs to be rewritten or not.


An important job of any SEO agency is researching the competitors of your client. Only if we know what the competitors have done that have helped them succeed, can we think differently, although along the same lines.


At the end of the day, what matters is making sure that you choose the right agency for you. It is no easy feat to make a company famous through SEO. So it’s very important that the agency you choose is capable of this feat.


Motionify has a dedicated SEO team consisting of an analyst, a Google expert, designer and a content writer.


So, if you are looking for an SEO Agency? We’re the perfect fit for you!

Steps to Follow When Designing a Mobile App

” Mobile Apps are the trend of the day for today’s generation. We have gotten used to having an app for everything and each day there are more and more things that we need apps for and more and this gives birth to more ideas for mobile apps. “

As complicated as people might think the process is, it can be very easily broken down into simple steps. Mind you though, in no way are we saying that building a mobile app is an easy task, just that the process is nothing to be scared of and giving up on.


” The first and most important part of creating a mobile app is the idea or sometimes the problem that you are going to solve through your app. “


“The second step in creating your mobile app is making sure that you need an app for your idea. If you end up making one and it isn’t that useful, then your efforts will have gone to waste.”


” The next step is to plan the way the app will flow and how the users will use it. Along with this, you need to make a list of all the features that your app will have. This allows you to get a clear idea of how your app is going to work. You can always do that little bit extra and do this using a wire framing tool. “


” Another important thing to do is remove everything unnecessary from your first version. All the extra work that you do, save it for your subsequent versions. Rather, in the first one, keep it simple and straightforward. “


” Make sure that you always put the design first. Remember that your design is about how your app will look and how everyone who uses it will experience. Your design is the way you make your app useful! “


” In this step, you need to start coding your app. If you’re not well-versed in the subject then go ahead and hire someone who is. “


” Next up, do all the analytics; track downloads, user engagement, retention capacity. There are a lot of tools and apps available for this (Flurry, Localytics). Make use of them. “


” Before you take your app live, get feedback from random users, friends etc. Service providers like Apptentive helps you with gathering a user group and getting their feedback. This will help you make your app better. “


” The final step is to now make your first version of your app better. Now’s your chance to introduce all the new features that you dreamed and planned about. “


The Basics of UI/ UX

We love UI/UX. We make a living out of it. We are thinking, speaking and doing it every day at office.


We can go as deep and as technical into this as anyone can. But we don’t want to. Instead, we are going to talk about the bare minimum of UI/UX. Something that gives you a heads up on the topic. Something that helps you to follow a conversation and maybe even participate in it. Because everything these days is UI/UX.


So here’s the deal, UX is User Experience Design and UI is User Interface Design.

We’ve all looked at an app or a website at some point and felt how amazing it looks. We thought it was aesthetically appealing or that it was well structured, usable, easy to understand or something like that. UI and UX is the process that went on behind creating that app or website.

Basically, UX is about enhancing customer experience and satisfaction.

It improves usability, overall aesthetis and provides satisfaction in the relationship between a product and the user.  UI, on the other hand, deals with the interaction between the machine and the user. It aims at providing effective operation and control of the machine by the user.

To break it down further, UX deals with the experience that people have on the website or mobile app. It deals with where everything is placed, how it looks and how it is designed. At the same time, on a website or a mobile app, there is always a flow that exists. An e-shopping app or we site will lead you to your basket after you choose a product and then on to your payment page. UI deals with this flow that needs to exist.


So it is clear that there exists a difference between the two. But more often than not, it is very easy to get confused.


Workplace Of A Designer In Flat Design

The Truth behind a Graphic Design Company

Graphic Designing is a very common term these days. All of us have one opinion or the other about the craft and the companies that claim to specialize in it. But, at the end of the day, not many of us know exactly what graphic designing companies do.


Theoretically, Graphic designing is the ‘process of visual communication and problem-solving through the use of typography, space, image and colour.’ This sentence by itself is not that explanative. To be very clear, graphic designing is that process that goes on behind creating something visual, which will either conveys a message or represents an answer! The process as such is what happens when someone creates a logo, an image, a sign and even advertisements or billboards.

Sometimes the design itself is the message.

You can date back graphic designing to the Rock Age and the Stone Age when men drew on the walls of caves. And those cave drawing have today developed to become the 3-dimensional games we see today. And this is one field whose growth, popularity and importance will not stop any time soon!
It is easy to assumed that graphic designing companies simply bring this process to life. But that isn’t the case.


Work at a graphic designing company starts way before the actual designing commences. As soon as the client gives them the brief, the company gets the necessary information regarding the idea that the client has for the final product. Right from that moment, the company starts work attempting to create the best possible outcome, while making sure the time frame is adhered to and all the restrictions and requirements fulfilled.


In this complicated process, a designer or the company as a whole can and most often does come to face several problems and discrepancies. Through it all, it is the responsibility of the company to make sure that the outcome is its’ best version irrespective of individual’s preferences or liking.


It might sound easy to do, but it is not. At the end of the day, if you have that love for the art, that passion towards making a simple line or an image into a breath-taking logo, or a humongous, head-turning billboard then the work itself becomes the reward.


At Motionify, we have figured out the exact way to do just this. Our group of passionate graphic designers make sure that we always are at our best!


Contact us now if you believe that we are the right people for you. We believe it!

The Ins and Outs of Motion Design

"Today, motion design is one of the fastest growing fields across the globe. Simple animation or creative posters aren’t enough, people, audience, and professionals alike, are looking for something more. The difference between motion design and animation is very simple.

Motion designing is basically converting a graphic design into a video, giving it dynamicity, a life of its own. Animation, on the other hand, is making characters move to create a video. Both are in fact useful in telling a story or putting a message across to the audience.


There is a growing demand for motion design in the world, today majorly because of its ability to enhance a story and tell in the most beautiful, engaging way possible. It makes your product much more attractive and accessible.


There are lot of things that come into play when you’re creating a motion design. The timing (for the movements on screen), speed (can’t be too fast or too slow) and of course transitions (should match your character) all play a very important role.


But essentially there are also some things you will need to know if you want to make a successful final product.

Basic Animation

While there is the main difference between animation and motion design, in a lot of cases, you can imbibe animation in your motion design

Color Theory

Understanding the colour theory plays a major role. Colours convey feelings and moods and the wrong colour can give off a very different idea that the one you meant.

Graphic Designing

In your motion design, you are essentially bringing graphic elements to life. Knowing graphic designing can help you work better.


The font you use, its size and readability all play a huge role. You should be able to choose the way your words are presented and allow it to compliment your design.

Creative Thinking

It might be an obvious one, but I can’t go on without it being mentioned. There is no point in doing something in the usual way. You have to be able to think differently and creatively if you want your product to be a success. Be quirky and take risks. It will work in your favour.


It almost seems like an appealing idea to follow an idea that has already a success. But when you do that, people notice. And this robs you of the genuine response you expect from people. It’s advisable to be original, even if what stems from originality is not as good as something you had seen and got inspired from. At least you can call it your own.


In a world that is racing towards a digital era, motion designing plays a huge role. It is one the most interesting fields to work in and experience. At the end of the day, all you need to do is let your creativity flow.


The Motion Design team at Motionify. We bring life to your brand story in the most spectacular way possible.

The Perfect team for you!

” How often have we looked at a video on Facebook or some website and just enjoyed it so thoroughly that we still happen to remember exactly how it went. That is exactly the sign of a good video. It attracts its target audience and creates an impact on them, in whichever order it does. And this is the whole point of a Video Production Company. Anyone that owns or hires a camera can go out and shoot a video today, but not every video shot can be a hit. There needs to be an extensive thought process that happens first. “

An idea has to germinate, the idea needs to be analysed, the treatment figured out, the locations decided, story board drawn, permissions acquired and so much more. But not all of us are exactly cut out for this whole process. And if we haven’t planned it through, it can very easily fall flat. Video production is a big, complex process that not anybody can do.


And hence, today, we have video production companies who specialize in this. We have people who can go through the process for us. People, who are trained to do this and can think out of the box and create a video that can cause an impact irrespective of whether they are shooting for the video by themselves or whether they’re using pictures and editing out a video for us. When it comes down to our locality, the simple truth is that there aren’t enough ‘Good’ video production companies in Chennai.


While we have a wide variety to choose from, most of them will not be able to give us the satisfaction we want, for whatever reason. But here’s the solution. We’ve got for you the perfect team to make you the best videos you have ever seen, whatever the topic you want us to create about is. Basically, we have at your disposal, a group of high functioning individuals with an undying passion for technology.


Here’s the fact, it is easy to imagine what you might be thinking. How many blog posts have we seen like this that say almost the exact same thing.  So, I give you a solution. It’s very simple, you needn’t have read the 350 or so words we’ve written out above, all you need to do at the end of the day, is see this, to believe.

Take a look at the videos we’ve made for our clients and you can easily understand how good we are and how much we will be able to help you out in building up your brand.

10 Video Marketing Content Ideas that Anyone Can Use

Content succeeds when they entice the onlookers. Even so, what’s the point if it is only enticing, but does not offer what the customers want? The cornerstone is to have content on your sites that the customers want. Most importantly, to make sure the content is informative and persuasive.


Video as a medium for marketing has become quite popular in recent years and unarguably, from the way it’s flaunting its abilities and people are reacting to it, I can say it’s going to be the way of the future. Marketers have predicted that videos are going to claim over 80% of the overall internet traffic in the next two to three years.


Whether it’s a product video, live streaming event, or testimonial, video engages users unlike any other content form. Having a video on your website increases traffic and enquiries.


We at Rootsbridge believe in the power of video marketing and recommend it to our clients when its relevant.


Here are ten simple content ideas that we have devised for video marketing that any organization can make use of: 

When you’re talking about video marketing campaigns, an effective and proven medium is email. Before you begin the email campaign, you must know the different formats of videos you can use in your email. You must also decide on the objective of the campaign. From then on, you get started with some tried and tested approaches for using videos.

Here are some of the things that you should consider:

  • Welcome email
  • Tutorials and Explainers
  • Videos of your recent events
  • Birthday wishes and holiday greetings

A video jumps out and screams for attention and therefore, is a great way to educate viewers about your brand. They can either be used on your website or any social media platforms. Enrich the content by sharing  your brand origin story, brand values and brand mission that offers a totally new experience to the customers, engrossing them into your story.

Create brief “Thank You Videos,” voiced by any of your company’s top officials for your new customers. He or she has to not only thank the customers for choosing their products but also has to appreciate their thoughtfulness and how you will continue to enhance their experience going forward.

When your prospective clients visit your website, they look for testimonials from people who have already availed your service. They learn about their experience and how the product or service was helpful to them. We recommend not to be content with just written testimonials. You can go a step further to record your customers talk about your business and use it on various mediums from your website to your social media pages.

A great way to send invitations and evoke registrations for forthcoming online seminars (Webinars) and other events is by the way of videos. By making the speaker to record a few minutes video.  Neil Patel, the famous online marketing guru does it effectively. Also, through online video presentations, you can persist in opposition of disorderly, messy inboxes, generate interest in your presentation and attract registrations to your next webinars or live events.

A greeting is the simplest, yet a great way to spread cheers during festive seasons to your target audience. A video e-card is the best way as it engages and entertains your followers as it offers greater personal touch than the traditional cards with just graphics and text. Companies can build robust relationships with existing customers through holiday greetings. It has high brand retention rate too.

People get extremely inquisitive about the products or services they are interested in before buying them. If they’ve decided on buying a product, they’re constantly on the lookout for something better. All this is done to get something they want that’s best and within their budget. Most companies have gained the public’s interest by showing marginal enhancements in efficiency. A few companies in this category include Netflix , Illumina , and TripAdvisor. The knack to generate gripping educational content is in identifying the perfect niche, eyeing on end value to the viewers.

You should do a periodical review of important events, updates, and new happenings in your industry. Embed this news in your “Video about current market,” without including any information about your products or services. You need not even talk about your company in this video. Just focus on information that is useful to the audience. This is another strategy to invite more traffic. Also, there is a possibility for your audience to like your brand.

How about adding a few useful or the most frequently asked Q&As associated with your industry or products in a video format? Surely a good idea. This is one way of improving your site’s visibility in the SERP (Search Engine Result Page) because people search with keywords which are basically questions.

Marketers should utilize the age old, yet recently coined term “Viral Videos” to its full effect. We encounter viral content on a daily basis. It elicits instant reaction and entices us to share it with those we know. A perfect combination and just what’s needed to promote a brand and its message.

So there you go. Video marketing has made its grand entry and is here to stay for a long time. Rootsbridge can help you with commercial videos, viral social based videos, 3D walkthorughs, corporate video & promotional video.


Reach out to us and let’s discuss the possibilities – info@motionify.co