How to Use Videos in Marketing: 20 Ideas to Try Today
08 Apr 2017

How to Use Videos in Marketing: 20 Ideas to Try Today

Marketers have begun to realize the importance and influence of videos in marketing. Hence, they very much want to have videos on their websites, mobile apps. social media platforms etc sooner or later. But, when they sit down to accumulate ideas on creating impressive videos and ways to do it, they are lost. With so much out there, it sometimes gets mind-numbing. So we have racked our brains to bring you 20 rational ideas you can make use of to create marketing videos.



When you’re talking about video marketing campaigns, an effective and proven medium is email. Before you begin the email campaign, you must know the different formats of videos you can use in your email. You must also decide on the objective of the campaign. From then on, you get started with some tried and tested approaches for using videos.

Here are some of the things that you should consider:

  • Welcome email
  • Tutorials and Explainers
  • Videos of your recent events
  • Birthday wishes and holiday greetings

A video jumps out and screams for attention and therefore, is a great way to educate viewers about your brand. They can either be used on your website or any social media platforms. Enrich the content by sharing  your brand origin story, brand values and brand mission that offers a totally new experience to the customers, engrossing them into your story.



Create brief “Thank You Videos,” voiced by any of your company’s top officials for your new customers. He or she has to not only thank the customers for choosing their products but also has to appreciate their thoughtfulness and how you will continue to enhance their experience going forward.

A video screen capture, aka Screencast, a digital recording of your computer screen output, is a recent phenomenon in video marketing. You can skip the challenges faced during conventional video production process using this method. There are multiple tools available online, check out TinyTake. Showcase your product’s workings or do a tutorial with ease.



As soon as you’ve launched a product or service, create an explainer video to show how it works. Most viewers watch explainer videos to get acquainted with the product or service. A study suggests that 50% of companies that have explainer videos on their homepage generate more business. Make life easy for customers by explaining complicated ideas, preferably through animated videos that bring concepts to life.

Traditionally, customers’ testimonials and case studies were all text-based, which were great. However, they are more effective if you have the testimonials in the form of videos. It literally gives a face to the message. In addition, you can make best use of customers’ stories on the essence as your marketing strategy.



Ensure that the length of the video is based on the type of content in the video your customers might be interested in. The duration of the video has to be proportional to the content type. You must also keep in mind the maximum video length accepted by various social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat etc., before making the video.

Almost all social media platforms have the Autoplay feature, which automatically plays the video when you scroll down or hover on or pass the video. In order to make use of  this, especially in video platforms like Youtube or Vimeo, it’s imperative to have more than one video in your channel.



Let not your choice of language used in the video decide the number of viewers you get. Internet is now widely used and you may never know who or from where your next customer is going to come from. It’s always recommended to add Subtitles in the few most used languages like Spanish, Mandarin, Hindi, English, French, German etc.

To prevent viewers from getting off of the video you must have something interesting to lure and retain customers’ attention, and this should happen not only in the first few seconds but also at equal intervals of the video.



Of late, how-to videos have turned out to be supremely well-liked across all social media platforms. A point in case, foodies have been progressively increasing in numbers who are always on the lookout for eccentric recipes from across the globe. Also, because of how-to-do videos, novices are becoming experts in their chosen fields.

Needless to say, you have to include an attention-grabbing headline because a video headline is the first thing viewers see. To increase the visibility of your video, use relevant keywords that you think users are prone to search in the headline. In other words, do an SEO (Search Engine Optimization). The texts that appear in your video are not recognized by search engines, but the words in your headline and description are.



Answer questions viewers want to know. Doing this can make them stay on your video longer. Beyond everything, your intention must be to provide content your viewers come looking for in the most creative and interesting way.

With videos, it’s the visual that should stand out. It’s more prone to attract attention than the audio. This though is in no way saying audio should be ignored. Rather, the audio should play a supporting role to the stunning video you have just created.



People pay attention to latest happenings. Breaking news evoke curiosity and interest and as a result, it compels viewers to watch it and stay on it until its end. They even might browse for more content. If there is a major breakthrough in your business, share it immediately with your fans through videos.

Always remember to add your logo in any video content you produce. Without it, the video could be anybody’s. The viewers will inadvertently notice the logo and it gets cemented in their memory. Later, helping them to recollect and recognize.



It’s highly recommended that you stick to one point in the video and structure the entire message around it. Include a CTA (Call to Action), an instruction to the viewers to evoke a quick response, at the end of the video, typically using verbs like “call now,” “know more” or “find out more.”

Track clicks and views, especially those that have exceeded considerable duration, say, 30 seconds. Tracking can help you curate and produce videos based on user preferences. Plenty of analytics tools are available, for eg, the widely known and used Google Analytics.



Thumbnails are bait for users. Although it’s become common practice to use thumbnails that serve no purpose than to deceive, it should be noted that users’ disappointment can propagate into brand resentment. Therefore, it’s highly recommended to use relevant and catchy thumbnails that entice users and are what they are.

Show your subscribers you are in this for a long run. Have tons of ideas in stock and make videos of it and upload them at regular intervals. It’s always good to leave your viewers wanting for more, but don’t make them wait too long. On the whole, customers have tend to help themselves by watching videos. YouTube, Vimeo and such platforms have become a medium for entertainment and education. So, marketing has become all the more easier for businesses. With so many aforementioned, favorable reasons and ways, you shouldn’t hesitate to create and share videos anymore. Try making your first video today and upload them for the world to see. The results will amaze you.


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